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World Link Coalition

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask Why?

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We dream of things that never were and ask Why Not?

We now have the most powerful animal protection initiative that the world has ever seen. EVERY NGO in the world can challenge EVERY government in the world about EVERY animal in the world which is subjected to violent abuse in the presence of EVERY child in the world.  Under the rationale of each countries declared compliance with internationally agreed 'legal binding' Human Rights Charters of the United Nations,  the words have changed from ' 'Complain' or' Request' … 'Demand'    We need now to inform organisations & authorities of the immense new powers which they have been given... and to identify those with the vision to bring these powers into action.


Countries where bullfighting takes place can be required to prevent the attendance & participation of children in compliance with a UN Human Rights Charter. 
Countries which seek to manage homeless animal populations with violent practices are now under a strict obligation to cease such practises in compliance with a UN Humnan Rights Charter. 
In countries where children are encouraged to practise the killing of animals to collect body parts for trophies, this practice must now cease in compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Children can no longer attend religious festivals which involve violence inflicted on animals. Children can no longer be involved in the Cat & Dog Meat Trade. The power has now been given to those who would challenge governments about violence inflicted on animals. The possibility for change is immense. 
International NGO’s can now change the world ! 


American politician Kristi Noem has flaunted her disregard for the United Nations’ Right of the Child not to be exposed to violence against an animal.


Speaking at a rally of the National Rifle Association, she said she was proud that her small granddaughter was already familiar with guns and hunting.

Clearly she is ignorant of the fact that she is eroding the innate empathy with which her grandchild was born (as we all are) and which is vital for the peaceful cohesion of human societies. 

She also admitted shooting her puppy because it was ‘untrainable’.

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