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With a foreword by world-renowned ethologist Jonathan Balcombe PhD, and selected for inclusion in the Gauteng Department of Education’s Library Catalogue for Grades 4, 5 and 6, The Great Cage Escape comprises 48 pages with 5 full-colour illustrations by well-loved South African artist Pandora Alberts.

Sherin Charts and Books will add a set of

20 workbooks based on Great Cage Escape.

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Read this extract from The Great Cage Escape and answer the question by filling in the form below...

“Sorry, Ma'am,” Mr O said every time. “He's not for sale. I could never part with him.”

“But just show him to me!” they implored, and Mr O brought them to where I sat swinging on my perch, in the top row of cages, just at eye level if you were a human adult of average height. Fathers and mothers lifted their children to peer through the wire bars and stare in awe as I sang a song of praise, giving thanks for the spark of life that is me.

What kind of bird, do you think, is telling the story here?

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