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World Veterinary Day
30 April 2022

Daylin Gounden_edited.jpg

Congratulations to fifth-year Gauteng veterinary student
Daylin Gounden
for winning the Caring Classrooms Veterinary Day competition!

Competition adjudicator Dr Greg Simpson (below), Director of the Wildlife Forensic Academy (,

said Daylin was chosen because his submission gave the best analysis of the value of the Caring Classrooms lesson plans.

dr greg simpson.jpg

Here is an excerpt from Daylin’s submission:

“The concepts of One Health and the Five Freedoms for Animals are very well presented in the Caring Classrooms Lesson Plans and cater for a wide range of age groups. These topics are not generally understood and not even heard of by the majority of people yet they are so essential to a healthy environment, and affect our lives in ways we don’t realise.

I personally had no idea that these concepts even existed until I studied veterinary science.

I encourage the veterinary profession and in fact all professions to support this learning as a guide towards better lives for ourselves, the animals and the environment at large.”

"The Humane Education Trust thanks all the wonderful young veterinary students who entered this competition for their thoughts, time and trouble."

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