Special Days

World Animal Day

Once a year on World Animal Day, Nature-based.Education makes a special offer in celebration of our animal friends. This year we offer a free download of one of our stories that explores the concept of Give and Take.

Authored by Tozie Zokufa, the story of twin sons Thabo and Thabisile is about making sure that the animals that provide food for us receive our care and a good life in return.

Thabo and Thabisile

On a sunny Sunday morning Thabo and Thabisile dressed in their best clothes to go to a church service with their father Mr Mokoena. The previous two days had been very hot.

Already the cicada beetles were buzzing loudly in the trees promising that this day too was going to be hot. As he set off down the dusty road with his twin boys, Mr Mokoena stopped at the fence of the kraal to inspect his cattle and sheep. He was proud to see them fat and contented.

* Ook in AFRIKAANS, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sesotho & Setswana

Suitable for Foundation Phase and Second Language Intermediate Phase learners.

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