Special Days

World Rabies Day “One Health, Zero Death”

South Africa is a country in which the horrible disease of rabies is endemic.

That’s why we need our children to know how to avoid rabies through the good care of our pets.

The World Health Organisation aims to achieve zero cases of rabies by 2030 and, to this end, has endorsed our comic “Friends don’t Bite!”

In support of World Rabies Day on Wednesday, Nature-based.Education is glad to make the comic available as a free download!

This comic has also been chosen by the South African Department of Education as Learner-Teacher-Support-Material for Project 1601.

Teachers, please use Friends don’t Bite to empower our children with the knowledge they need to help eliminate the disease of rabies.

28 September – World Rabies Day Comic

This comic about rabies prevention was selected for the Department of Education’s Project 1207 in 2021.

Free Download