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United Nations International Day of Education
24 January 2023

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What's so special about this reader?

Suitable for learners in Grades 4, 5, 6 or 7, Goosie’s Story (also in Afrikaans titled Appelliefie se Storie) is a 40-page novelette about a hen who is rescued from a battery cage and is given a chance to lead a normal life.

Goosie’s Story and Appelliefie se Storie are included in the Department of Education’s catalogue of library resouces, and selected by the Western Cape Department of Education as a prescribed reader in 2012.

Goosie’s Story is all the more relevant today as animal welfare organisations around the world make 2023 the year to achieve a global phase-out of battery cages for laying hens.

In commemorating International Day of Education, the UN calls for us to “re-imagine, re-shape and transform” education to heal our damaged planet. A good place to start is with the most exploited creature on earth, the humble hen.

Far from being viewed as a mere nugget or buffalo wing, hens were once revered for their unrivaled mothering skills, and their ancestors survived the mass extinction event 66 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs and most other life on earth.

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