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Let's celebrate this special day !

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21 February
International Mother Language Day

Read this engaging story that teaches the universal principle of balance in all things.

In English, we call this the principle of give and take. In isiXhosa, we call it Ina ethe.  In The Story of Thabo and Thabisile by Tozie Zokufa we are reminded that give and take applies to our relationship with farmed animals too. 

Suitable for Foundation Phase and Second Language Intermediate Phase learners.


Special Day FREEBIES !

Caring Kids is a compilation of 7 fun stories featuring pets, farm animals, a donkey and a goat, and how they influence the lives of the people who care for them.

Colour illustrations. Recommended for learners in the Foundation and Intermediate Phases


Choose your preferred language for this storybook and the 5 FREEDOMS poster (English, Afrikaans, Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa or Tswana), and then FILL IN THE FORM BELOW to receive this FREEBIE.

Let us know the name of your nearest PEP branch for delivery.

Fill in and submit by 28 February 2024

Thanks for participating! We'll keep in touch.

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